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No Updates Coming, Sorry :(
// Posted by argodaemon on Nov 6, 2013
Probably should have posted this a while ago. If you are ever expecting updates to AceCalcs in the future, don't hold your breath. As is probably obvious by now, I have stopped updating this and have not really touched it since about a month after the last post.

This does not mean I am going to take the site down. For as long as people still find use in it, even outdated, I will still pay for hosting costs.

If someone wants to take over control of the site, I have no qualms with such, but do know that such a person needs to prove knowledge in web programming, be an upstanding and well-respected member of the community, and willing to get a lot of shit for being helpful (that was about half the reason I stopped in the first place). I will keep an eye on the e-mail, just in case.

This is not to say that I did not enjoy running this site and building it up from scratch. I recently graduated with a degree in web development, actually. AceCalcs helped teach me that I am more capable then I give myself credit for. When I put my mind to something, the results surprise me.

Anyways, this is me signing off. Later, cowboys. :P
CPU Additions and Site Fixes
// Posted by argodaemon on Mar 3, 2012
Fixed and added a few things that were floating around in my inbox:
  • Added EP4 Level 102 CPUs (NA Ace Online)
  • Surquince Unique CPU fixed to 30 agility (was 30 shield)
  • Advanced Regular Gamble cards in the Creator will work now.
I am also working a bit on the side on a feature to help those using a "smaller" computing device. More on that later.
IF3 Armors for AO
// Posted by argodaemon on Jan 14, 2012
As it seems that Ace Online NA has IF3, I guess the new armors should be added. They are as follows: Thanks to omgnaro for sending me the needed information.
New Creator!
// Posted by argodaemon on Dec 15, 2011
Finally finished up the new Creator. Hope you all like. There has been more additions then I care to admit. It was basically reconstructed from scratch. I will atleast list some of the most notable changes:
  • New interface! Made to look and feel more like in-game
  • Armors can now be bought, enchanted, gambled, legended, and destroyed just like weapons.
  • Rage-Enchanting added as an option to make enchanting fast as s#%t.
  • Christmas items added until the end of the year.
The Creator will basically work the same whether you have the site set to AirRivals or Ace Online NA. The only difference will be in what fixes are displayed (if there is a difference).

So go and break stuff!
Few fixes
// Posted by argodaemon on Nov 23, 2011
Was browsing forums and ran across a few things that needed fixing:
  • Added an "Enchant All" button to the Weapon Calc that will allow enchanting/fixing of normally blocked items (suggested by Mike020389)
  • Item display page now shows correct gears for weapons.
  • Item display page now shows correct name coloration for Legendary/Unique/Boss/etc on weapons.
  • AirRivals prefix Hyper(GC) was fixed to include a 4.71% prob bonus and removed the 15% distance bonus.
I know there are a few other fixes that need some work, but I need to confirm whether it needs to be updated or have a whole new fix added first.
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